ONLY Fitted Denim Jacket by

Honestly, can you blame me for falling for this jacket?

I mean it’s a jean jacket, it’s the dark color I like, it’s cuffed, and it buttons? Yeah, all the signs for I’m BUYING IT!!!

At, the ONLY Fitted Denim Jacket is $39 (£25) and gorgeous. Completes a look when you want to wear a simple colored tank, and need something to cover it! I know my Mom wouldn’ t let me step foot out the house in a tank, unless it was a racerback or ribbed…

-Madison (:


If you liked Body Central’s Almost Famous Colored Skinny Jeans, then you’ll love the same collection – but in shorts!!

It’s obvious that it’s summer, and I rarely see anyone with jeans, given the fact that it is so hot here in Charleston, so these shorts are both stylish and cool!

Now $6.99 on the Body C website, these shorts are on sale so get them quick!! The original price is $16.90! Don’t procrastinate!! These are definitely on my back to school shopping list…

-Madison (:

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Colored Skinny Jeans complete every outfit for me. So Body Central’s Almost Famous Colored Skinny Jean collection is simply amazing!

Body Central Purple Skinny JeansBody Central White Skinny Jeans


Body Central Fuchsia Skinny Jeans

Body Central Red Skinny Jeans







Body Central Blue Skinny Jeans



















$26.90 on the site!! LIMITED QUANTITY! ORDER FAST!! I know I will!!!


-Madison (:



Costa Mesa Cardigan by Hollister Co.


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I LOVE Hollister Co., in fact they’re one of my favorite brands. But their prices sometimes are just crazy. So I was psyched when I found out that on the site they’re having a sale and clearance. I found this cardigan and I was in love!

Only $14.94 on Hollister’s site, which is more than a bargin from the original price ($49.50). I can finally have something from Hollister!! [[Celebration montage]]

-Madison (:

Eight Charm Bracelet by Wet Seal

I LOVE charm bracelets. Maybe it’s the fact that it dangles. Maybe it’s the fact that the charms are totally reflected by you. Maybe it’s the fact that they mean something.

Okay, sentimental talk over. Back to the article.

Wet Seal’s Eight Charm Bracelet is only $7.50 on the website, and once I get  my money card (yes, money card, I’m 12) it’ll be loaded and ready!

-Madison (:

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Pull & Bear Print Top by

I’m 12, but that does NOT mean that I have outgrown any of my favorite cartoon characters. One of them is Minnie Mouse, and let me tell you, I fell in LOVE with this tank.

I love the color, and the design is devine! On, it is $12 (£7.99) and trust me, this is something I will be investing in!!!

-Madison (:

Louche Simone Sailor Shorts by

So I found out a couple weeks back that I’m totally in love with Anchors and Sailor anything. Well, I’m in love with these Sailor Shorts.

Hailing from, the Louche Simone Sailor Shorts are unfortunately sold out, but they’re also the perfect color for a brown and petite green outfit. I’ve yet to find the perfect anchor tee or crop top, but I’m working on it.

Until then, grab a pair of Sperry’s and throw it together and send me one of your own outfits!! I’d love to post them on here!

-Madison (:

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Nina's hair is so pretty.

It’s probably the design that got me. Oh, and Nina’s hair is so beautiful, I wish it was my own! I’ve always wanted really long curly hair!

Okay anyway, this Navajo inspired Drape Neck Dress (coincedentally it’s name) by Body Central is something I’ve never seen before, But I like it a lot. I like the way this dress hugs your body, rather than a loose dress. And the design is just devine! (Hey that rhymed!)

On Body Central’s website ( the dress is $22.90. Great dress, great price, as expected from Body C.

To complete the outfit, why not add leggings? Body Central’s Ribbed Sweater Knit Leggings are only 12.90 on the site, and not to mention they complete the look!I know my mom would drop dead if I left the house without leggings under a dress (with the exception of a few) I love Body C’s “Complete the Look” or “You May Also Like” section under the product!

And what about the shoes? Body Central has got that covered, too. You can get their Slouch Boots with a heel are 39.90 on the site and give your look the final finishing touch. Or, if you’re not much of a heel person, look into’s Leather Buckle Boots – only 32.70 on the site! They just restocked!

-Madison (: